Scott Gilliland

-Attorney at Law-

Scott grew up in Marion County and is a lifelong resident of Alabama.  He has participated in approximately 100 jury trials and hundreds of bench trials.  Scott has litigated cases with entities such as ACIPCO, ALFA, Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences, Amtrak, Boeing, Cowin Equipment, Cracker Barrel, Health Services Foundation, Krystal's, New York Times, 3M, Norfolk Southern, Pizz Hut, PPG, Publix, Raytheon, State Farm, UPS, UAB, U.S. Veterans Administration and Wal-mart.

Scott also has extensive experience with alternative dispute resolution and has litigated cases before the Jefferson County Personnel Board, through the American Arbitration Association, and before an EEOC Administrative Judge.

Alabama State Bar (1997)
U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Alabama (1997)
U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama (1997)
11th Circuit Court of Appeals (1998)
Alabama Trial Lawyer's Association (1998)
National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (2001)
Alabama District Attorney's Association (2011)
National District Attorney's Association (2018)
Association of Government Employees in Capital Litigation (2018)


Scott can assist you with preparing or reviewing important legal documents ranging from contracts to estate planning.

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Scott has 25 years of experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in State and Federal courts including 10 years as a criminal prosecutor.

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Scott has 20 years of experience litigating appeals to the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals, Court of Civil Appeals, Supreme Court, and The United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit.

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as a prosecutor
Scott has served as a contract prosecutor for the 41st Judicai Ciruit of Alabama since 2011 and has served as a special prosecutor in multiple counties in north central Alabama.  As a prosecutor, Scott has gained invaluable experience working with victims and survivors of brutal and heinous crimes.  This experience has made Scott more empathetic towards individuals who are trying to navigate through the criminal and civil justice system.

Cold Case - In 2013, Scott prosecuted and obtained a conviction in a cold case against a husband who was charged with the 1999 murder of his wife at their home in Brierfield Estates in Bibb County.

Capital Murder - Scott has prosecuted and obtained convictions in multiple capital murder trials. Most of these cases have involved murders that occurred during the course of a robbery. Some of these cases have involved cases where two or more victims were murdered.

Murder - Scott has proscuted and obtained convictions in a number of murder cases. Most of these murders have involved firearms. But, Scott has also prosecuted murders committed with automobiles, knives, rocks, a hatchet, and the attacker's bare hands.

Human Trafficking - Scott prosecuted and obtained a conviction invoving a mother who sold the services of her four year old daughter.

Sex Crimes - Scott has prosecuted and obtained convictions in dozens of rape, sodomy, sexual abuse, and child pronography cases.

Drug Offenses - Scott has prosecuted and obtained convictions in drug manufacturing, drug trafficking, and drug distribution cases,

$5,000,000.00 Settlement


$5,000.000 Settlement with American Cast Iron Pipe Company

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Cold Case Conviction


"If you have an abiding belief that it was his gun, he was there, he watched her die, and he lied, I have taken you beyond reasonable doubt," Gilliland said. "It is time that the lies ended ... it is time that this matter is concluded. Desta Byrd met her fate at the end of Jody Byrd's rifle. It is time that Jody Byrd know his."

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Capital Murder Conviction - Brown


Human Trafficking Conviction


Murder Conviction


Capital Murder Conviction - Chavez

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