Scott has obtained many favorable rulings in appellate courts in civil, criminal, and domestic relations matters including cases involving child custody, child support, and alimony.

Time is of the essence in appellate practice.  A notice of appeal must be filed with the clerk of court within a limited time after receiving an unfavorable decision.  This could be as little as 14 days in some matters. 

The appellate courts have strict rules regarding the timeliness and form of materials to be submitted for review.  This includes rules governing everything from the the color of the cover to limits on the number of words contained in a brief or motion.

Appellate courts do not review issues of credibility.  Much deference is given to the judge or jury who had an opportunity to review the live testimony of witnesses. Appellate courts will generally limit their review of a decision to determine whether or not a trial court had legal authority to make the dicision reviewed or abused its discretion by applying the wrong legal standard to the particular set of facts.